Arabian Pearl by Emma Wildes
Brothers of the Absinthe Club 1
Siren Publishing
ISBN 1-933563-12-5
Reviewed by Rosemary



In the greeting room of the sultan, Robert St. Claire, the Earl of Grayson is offered a harem girl to give his nights pleasure during his stay.  English Lady Celia Davenport, who was abducted and sold into slavery, is the gift being offered.  Every time Celia gives her lover satisfaction, she receives a rare pearl as a reward.  Robertís plan to rescue Celia and return her to England is successful.  Celia arrives home with a string of rare pearls.

Arabian Pearl is a sexy description of how Celia earns her pearls.  Emma Wildes illustrates an erotic view into the regency period that is refreshing and very enjoyable


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