Angels Come to Visit by Dianne Fox
Torquere Press
Fantasy Romance (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-60370-071-9, 1-60370-072-2
Reviewed by Sabella



Keir left his motherís realm four years ago, giving up his position as Prince and declaring himself outcast without any explanations.  Now, Keir is being summoned back to her realm by her request.  Keir has no idea why now or what for, except it canít be good.  The Queen, his mother, has sent Christophe to summon Kier Ė handily ignoring Christopheís anger towards Kier.  When the Queen then sends Kier and Christophe to obtain an artifact from the mortal world things get tricky.  Kier has to deal with Christopheís anger, completing the mission without any real idea what heís looking for and hiding his true reason for leaving the realm.  How will Christophe react when he finds out that the reason for Keirís leaving has to do with his incubus power not working on women, but men?

Angels Come to Visit is a great fantasy story dealing with angels, demons, incubi and scuba.  Kier is full of angst over his reasons for leaving the realm in the first place, along with his inability to return home again.  Christophe is a lovely angel that has grown up in Kierís absence while holding tightly to the anger he feels over Kierís leaving without any explanations.  These two will burn you up when they come together and entertain you while they dance around each other before coming together.  However, I would have liked to know more about the world Keir and Christophe inhabit and a little more background on all the undercurrents that can be felt throughout the story influencing the outcome.  The basic plot of the book is very interesting and intriguing, but the story would have benefited from being expanded to explain several of the turning points in the action and the reasons for some of the reactions exhibited by Keir, Christophe and other secondary characters.  A lot of tangential questions remain unanswered at the end, which disappointed me, as I loved this world Dianne Fox built and I wanted to know more.  Still, Angels Come to Visit is a sweet tale about the strength of love and what one is willing to overcome to gain it.  When you are in the mood for a good fantasy romance, pick up Angels Come to Visit Ė itís a good way to spend a lazy afternoon!


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