Aftermath by CB Potts
Torquere Press
Gay Cowboy Single Shot (M/M)
Reviewed by Sabella



Mickey and Trey have been best friends forever, and now that Trey is hitting rock bottom there is nothing Mickey wonít do to help his friend, including burning his ranch down for the insurance.  However, after all that Mickey sacrifices to help Trey, will Mickey be able to hide that what he feels for Trey is more than friendship?  And will his sacrifice be in vain when Trey risks it all by responding to a childish taunt?

In Aftermath the characters deal with a lot of issues that should have been interesting, but somehow were not.  Mickey has had feelings for Trey that he wonít acknowledge and Trey has Brenda.  I have to say that I didnít particularly enjoy this book for several reasons; mainly I found the characters unsympathetic, but when Trey starts cheating on Brenda with Mickey I found it a total turn off. Both Mickey and Trey are selfish and display a total lack of integrity that made it hard to care about them and any happy ending for them.  Aftermath isnít a great romance, but if you enjoy rodeo stories you might want to consider it.


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