A Wanted Man by Linda Lael Miller
A Stone Creek Novel
Historical Romance
ISBN: 9-780373-77236-0
Reviewed by Barb



The past has a way of catching up with folks in Stone Creek, Arizona.  Schoolmarm Lark Morgan and Marshal Rowdy Rhodes are determined to hide their secrets—and deny their instant attraction.  This shouldn't be too hard, since each suspects the other of living a lie.  Lark’s too-fancy clothes and big-city ways inspire gossip all over town; Rowdy’s blond good looks and impudent grin belong to a man sporting a gunfighter's coat.

Rowdy and Lark have one truth in common: the very real dangers they face, like the gang of robbers wreaking havoc on the railroad heading toward Stone Creek—the men Ranger Sam O'Ballivan expects Rowdy to nab.  As past and current troubles collide, Rowdy and Lark must surrender their stubborn pride to the greatest power of all—an undying love.

A Wanted Man is a very enjoyable historical romance.   Linda Lael Miller has written both Lark and Rowdy as strong, brave, yet human heroes.  All the characters in this book fit in well with the story and at times they made me want to shake them and then hug them.  A Wanted Man is a book I found myself not wanting to put down.  As I read, I found myself wanting to be seduced by someone like Rowdy.  I will most definitely be reading A Wanted Man again as well as looking out for more Stone Creek titles.


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