A Savory Seduction by Janet Lane Walters
New Concepts Publishing
Erotic Contemporary
ISBN 1-58608-
Reviewed by Sabella



Greg Ramsey is the owner and Head Chef of Five Cuisines, an up and coming restaurant in the Hudson River Village.  When he gets an invitation to be reviewed by renowned culinary magazine, Good Eatiní Greg wants to grab this opportunity with both hands.  However, his mother, also part-owner of Five Cuisines, is vehement that he and the restaurant have nothing to do with the magazine.  Greg is puzzled by her reaction but he shelves the idea to be discussed another day.  Unbeknownst to him, Five Cuisines will be reviewed by the magazine regardless of his or his motherís feeling on the matter.

Allie Blakefield is the editor of Good Eatiní and she has been looking forward to reviewing Five Cuisines, as she has heard a lot of good things about it.  However, her father is adamantly opposed to the idea and forbids her to publish a review for this restaurant.  Regardless, she sets out to experience the culinary delights Five Cuisines has to offer, but ends up with a lot more instead.

When Greg and Allie meet they have no idea who the other is or that their families have been feuding for years.  Will their attraction for one another survive all the obstacles they will have to overcome, or will they bow to the pressures of their respective families?

A Savory Seduction is a sensual story that uses food as the main tool for seduction.  Allie and Greg are both likeable people that have instant chemistry.  The story of the family feud was interesting and the crux of the plot, but I felt that it was resolved in a slap-dash manner.  However, the sensuality that Ms. Walters portrays through Allie and Greg is alluring.  A Savory Seduction is an entertaining and amusing book, for an afternoon when you are looking for a light read.


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