A Man for Michael by Sedonia Guillone
Ellora’s Cave
Contemporary Romance (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-41991-074-6
Reviewed by Sabella



Michael, a local from the neighborhood, has done well for himself.  He was part of the underground fighting scene until he had enough money to buy a gym and was smart enough to get out.  Now, Michael is back working in his old fight club to help an old friend, but when he sees “the Chow,” Michael is pole-axed.  How can Michael manage to meet the man if he is not allowed close enough to speak to him?

Cory “the Chow” is a slave, and he does what he is told to do.  His Master enjoys having the Chow fight, and if he pleases the Master he gets rewarded with both food and sex.  The Master tells Cory that he is loved, but Cory doesn’t understand how the Master’s actions could mean anything else. Cory barely remembers a life different that the one he lives now, but when he looks into Michael’s eyes Cory realizes that life could be more than what he lives now.  However, Cory sees no way out of his life with the Master.

A Man for Michael is a good story about innocence lost and the discovery of love.  Michael is the embodiment of what we wish the men in our lives were like: sensitive, caring and intuitive.  Cory is a wounded soul that has been lost under the cruel treatment of the Master.  Cory never chose this life and knows nothing but cruelty disguised as love.  It is touching to see Cory open his eyes to the wonders of a loving relationship, where both partners are equals.  However, I felt that Cory’s evolution from the slave mentality to independence was rather abrupt and sometimes Michael’s dialogue uncomfortably echoed the Master’s “loving” words.  That said A Man for Michael is a good read.


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