A Few Good Men by Cat Johnson
A Task Force Zeta Novel
Linden Bay Romance
Contemporary Romance/Military
ISBN: 978-1-60202-055-9
Reviewed by Tanya



Maureen Mullen is in a job she hates and is in pursuit of the last deviant man on earth.  She is totally convinced that all men are either married or gay.  Case in point her best friend Peter - gay, her military pen pal Jazzy - married, what is a girl to do.  She is living a secret life though, she has just written and published a highly erotic romance story that the guys in Jazzyís platoon are calling porn with a plot.

One day when Jazzy is hurt he finally convinces his Staff Sergeant to write to Summer (aka Maureen) to tell her that he is ok.  Well one thing leads to another and suddenly John is looking forward to reading Summerís emails and even finds himself thinking about her at the oddest times.

Maureen is serial dating with her friend Peter.  They each have to find a straight guy (for her) and gay guy (for him) so they can double date.  After the first disastrous date she decides to add a blog to her Summer Winterís page, which becomes all the rage.  Though in her heart has she really found the man for her, but just hasn't met him face to face?

A Few Good Men is one of the better military based romances I have read in a while.  The author has taken great pains to include the danger, as well as some of the workings about living in a war zone.  Hats off to you Cat Johnson.  I thoroughly loved the banter between Maureen and Peter and how John is eventually drawn into Maureenís life.  A Few Good Men made me want more stories about Task Force Zeta and reminds me of Suzanne Brockmanís Navy Seals.


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