When A Lady Misbehaves by Michelle Marcos

Pleasure Emporium, Book 1

St. Martin’s


ISBN: (10) 0312948492 (13) 978-0312948498

Reviewed by Amelia



April Jardine is a maid at the Pleasure Emporium, a famous London brothel. Informed by the Madame that she is worth more to the business if she auctions off her virginity, and then works as a lady of the night, April turns to blackmail to make her living. Armed with Madame’s diary, she finds the men listed and tells them she is their daughter, trying to insinuate herself into their lives. The men offer her money to disappear.

That is until she tries her scheme with the Duke of Westbrook. The Duke is not at home, but son, Jeremy, welcomes her with open arms. His oldest son, Riley, Lord Blackheath, is not so welcoming, though.

Riley, a circuit judge, is not convinced as his brother and father are that April is the Duke’s daughter. While the others welcome her with open arms he seeks to find out the truth. The more time he spends with her, though, the more attracted he becomes to her.

What April doesn’t realize, though, is that her arrival at the Duke’s household has set off a firestorm of gossip, and the family’s reputation can only be saved with her marriage to Riley. Can these two people from opposite sides of the spectrum find love, or are they doomed by society’s conventions?

When a Lady Misbehaves was a fun tale with an interesting plot. I have to admit that at first I didn’t care for April, whom I found to be a little selfish, especially in her dealings with her friend Jenny. But by the end of the book she had grown and that redeemed her in my eyes. Riley, on the other hand, is delicious. I loved his character and his take-charge attitude. I did have a little problem with his quick about-face where April was concerned. I felt like he would have thought things out just a little more.

There were a few “hum” moments for me, including the misuse of a legal term that made me blink twice and head for a dictionary to check the term probate, but all in all, When A Lady Misbehaves is good fun. Ms. Marcos has crafted a tale that kept me turning pages, especially the final ones, late into the night. This is Ms. Marcos’ first book, and I think the series has promise. This is a sweet tale with lots of intrigue, for those who enjoy historicals. I look forward to reading the other books in this series.


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