Violet Moons by Nina Nash

Ellora’s Cave

Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 9781419908583

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Princess Wathalia of Vestia is destined to save her people.  She must travel to the North alone armed with determination.   Before leaving, Wathalia is unable to fulfill her duty by choosing a mate because her heart and mind are filled with longing for a man that she has dreamed about but never met.  Does he truly exist?   If not, then she must choose an alternative partner or face being alone.   

When Wathalia encounters Priam on her journey, she quickly realizes he is the man from her dreams.  They connect and consummate their passion.  Wathalia suspects that Priam is keeping secrets.  Even though he has truly become a part of her, can she trust him?

While reading Violet Moons, the words “sweet” and “pleasant” kept reappearing in my mind.  It’s a straightforwardly endearing tale of romance and magic.  Wathalia and Priam are charming, accomplished people that flow together easily while complimenting the story.  The narrative is just as picturesque as the backdrop.  Ms. Nash does a lovely job of taking you across the threshold into their world.   All the ends are tied up smoothly and the HEA would do justice to any fairy tale, real or imagined.  All in all, this is a big heaping spoonful of classic romance in a whimsical setting that works out quite well. 


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