Valentine's Victory by Viola Grace



ISBN: 978-1-55487-235-0

Reviewed by Tanya



Valentine has lived in Silverwood since being rescued years ago by Mythos.  She is known as the world’s greatest matchmaker but she is unable to surrender to her own love.  She has worked a long time to come to terms with what happened in her past and now suddenly realizes that to be whole she needs to have Mythos as more than a friend.  Also until she is able to realize the full of her life, the Sisters of Silverwood will not be able to fulfill their complete destiny.

Will Mythos be able to let her set the pace, and love her for who she is?  All the signs are there, Valentine just needs to take that first step.

Valentine’s Victory was a wonderful conclusion to this series.  I was so hoping that Valentine would finally realize what a wonder she had in Mythos and that he would not push her until she was ready.  Ms. Grace did a wonderful job building up to this final story and a lot of things took on a different meaning for me (including the bubbles on the cover).  I enjoyed Valentine’s Victory as well as the previous six stories in The Sisters of Silverwood series, and while each is a stand alone book I do think that reading them in order helps


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