Under His Command by Annabel Wolfe

The Starlight Chronicles, Book 3



ISBN: 1-60601-259-2

Reviewed by Tanya



Lt. Payton Valmont is a top-ranked pilot aboard a military ship.  While she is know for her daring and expert skills she has just pushed things too far, and broken a dozen or so military rules.  This puts Commander Kel Gallico in a tenuous position.  While he admires her (and secretly thinks her sexy and gorgeous) he must also discipline her.  The problem is that when he offers to let Peyton choose between the punishments that are applicable, he just might put his sanity and that of his bunkmate, Colonel Jake Naiad, (who is also his 2nd in command and best friend) in jeopardy, with her choice.

Under His Command was an intriguing look into space travel of the future, and one view of how humans might fare in the wake of genetic selection and altering.  I found the entire premise very interesting and the story definitely held my interest.  While I was annoyed at how Peyton was disciplined and what her choices were I was also able to see how the author would arrive at this line of punishment. 

I completely enjoyed Under His Command and hope there will be more adventures in this realm by Ms. Wolfe.  She can definitely create an Alpha Male with a capital “A” who is more than a little delicious.  I also enjoyed Peyton’s reactions to different situations, as well as how she handled the punishment.  If you are a fan of futuristic novels, and a little Ménage doesn’t bother you then you need to pick up Under His Command soon.


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