Two Cowboys for Christie by Luxie Ryder

Midnight Cowboys, Book 2



ISBN: 1-60601-314-9

Reviewed by Tanya



The boys next door were the cousins that dreams were made of, at least for Christie.  She was best friends with them and as that friendship grew so did her love (and lust) for the boys.

When Christie returns home after Garret’s father passes, she knows it was the right decision.  After spending a long time thinking about her family heritage and the boys she left 15 years ago, she knows this just might be the time to return to the one place she felt the most at peace.

But when Garret and Connor offer her a night of passion together, will she be able to let her inhibitions go and see what happens?  What will ultimately happen when the men offer her more than she expects?

Two Cowboys for Christie was an interesting Ménage story in the sense that before things got too far along when they were kids everything came to a screeching halt.  I found this to be a different twist to the normal tale and think it made for a more interesting story.  Two Cowboys for Christie is a fast paced and erotic story that I think many will find enjoying, as I did.


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