Equal Opportunity Seduction & The Commander’s Mate by Cheri Valmont

Torrid Teasers Volume 27

Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Futuristic, Sci-Fi, Ménage

ISBN: 978-1-59374-861-6

Reviewed by Patrice F.



“Equal Opportunity Seduction”

Casualty physician Bradeon Gosh-Ere and his roommate, Hankreon Tereamin, a Transport pilot, are good-looking, super eligible and approaching the age where the Kazphrian government demands that all healthy viable citizens must take a mate.  They’re game provided they can share the woman.  If she’s special enough to enjoy the fact that they indulge their passion for one another on a regular basis, then it will be the ideal match for them. 

When Brad’s sister, Aimee, steps in to give them a boost in their search, the handsome duo aren’t too pleased, at first.  But when Drendar Kyntrel arrives on their doorstep for a two week contract, all their doubts fly out the window.  Suddenly, two weeks isn’t quite long enough.

From start to finish, “Equal Opportunity Seduction” is a non-stop, bedroom showdown with two wild hot men that know how to handle one another and any lucky female that they decide to tag-team.  Dren is quite happy to become a permanent addition to Brad and Hank’s testosterone driven household.


“The Commander’s Mate”

Aimee Syncire wakes up injured and discovers she is in the land of Velorn, a restricted Kazphrian country that doesn’t allow strangers to enter their lands without permission.  Aimee learns that she is recovering in the house of JarrRon Ry Vere, the country’s Legion Commander.  She is also a prisoner until she can convince him of her innocence.  Before long, Aimee and JarrRon are by consumed their immediate attraction to one another.  When circumstances arise where Aimee is able to return home, JarrRon is forced to make a heartrending decision about their future together.

“The Commander’s Mate” is the sequel to “Equal Opportunity Seduction” featuring Brad’s younger sister, Aimee.  Although I could appreciate the steamy sex, it was harder for me to get into the story as much as the prequel because the emotional substance was lacking.  Aimee had just suffered a great loss in her life, and it was difficult for me to accept how easily she succumbs to JarrRon and life in Velorn.

Torrid Teaser Volume 27: Equal Opportunity Seduction and The Commander’s Mate is an all around get-your-freak-on, steamrolling-sex-fest that takes place in a wicked and wanton Kazphrian galaxy far, far away.  The Kazphrian society appears to be more sexually uninhibited, in a mutually all around healthy way because the women are sexual equals.  Although there’s no Death Star involved, there’s plenty of rebellious thrills and plentiful spills to make you hope into your own private cruiser and brave the limitless universe of Cheri Valmont’s racy and gifted imagination.


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