Three for All by Raina James



ISBN: 1-60601-420-X

Reviewed by Tanya



Shelby grew up with her Uncle on his ranch for troubled children.  Two of them were definitely trouble, for Shelby that is.  She had crushes on both of these very different boys but when she came of age and it was apparent to her she would have to choose one, she couldn’t so she ran and pursues another of her dreams to be a chef.  One thing though is that she never lets her heart become involved with any of the men she meets; she knows that they will never be Gabe or Justin.

When Shelby’s Uncle passes away she returns home and the first thing she notices is that Gabe and Justin have stayed the closest of friends and have gotten better looking if anything. The other difference is that they have all grown up and Justin and Gabe both have very successful careers.

But, the boys harbor one secret.  They both don’t want Shelby to have to choose between them.  Will she be willing to accept all that her Uncle has left her, as well as the love of both men? Or will she let society dictate her morals?

Ms. James does a wonderful job of describing this threesome’s relationship in Three for All. I found the feelings of possible hurt between friends real and well thought out, thus setting the stage for her fleeing the area. Ms. James did a great job in the portrayal of the different people and their thoughts and interactions, oh and she can write a pretty erotic scene to boot. I enjoyed Three for All and think you will also.


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