Tempted by His Kiss by Tracy Anne Warren

Byrons of Braebourne Series, Book 1



ISBN: 9780061673405

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Meg Amberley gets caught in a snowstorm and has no choice but to take refuge at the nearest home.  Unfortunately, the master of the house is Lord Cade Byron, a wounded man in more ways than one.  Unwilling to have his peace disturbed so he can soothe his damaged leg and his tormented soul, he has no choice but to let the beautiful Miss Amberley take shelter under his roof.  As the storm keeps her housebound for several days, she makes a deal with the stoic Lord Cade to get him to be a more hospitable host.  Slowly, she charms him into keeping her company during the days she is there.

But when they are caught out by the local busybody, Cade decides to pretend Meg is his fiancée, so as not to damage her reputation.  They head to London to join the rest of the Byrons.  Cade offers Meg a Season in which to find a real fiancé, and then they part ways.  As they continue with the fake engagement, however, both begin to realize they may want it to be a true engagement.

I really enjoyed this wonderfully touching romance.  The characters were completely relatable, even Cade and his wounded psyche.  I was completely swept up and read the entire thing in one sitting.  Tempted by His Kiss is the first book of Ms. Warren’s new series and sets up everything wonderfully.  Not only was the story of Cade and Meg’s relationship well-told, but I am definitely excited to read the coming stories.


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