Stranded by Lori Foster



Reviewed by Tanya




Roddick has loved Kelli for years, since he first hit puberty in fact.  But, as best buddies he has never acted on it.  In fact he is pretty sure she has never seen him as anything other than the Nerd he was, and tends to be.  But, that will all change when they are stranded during a trip home and Kelli is forced to see him as a man and not just her buddy.

Now Kelli is stunned at the thoughts she is having about Rod (Rock to his friends, all but her, that is) and doesnít know if she should act on them.  Rod does know one thing though; he will not be part of a crowd, so if that means staying friends he will do what it takes to make that happen.

Stranded is one of Lori Fosterís early stories for Harlequin (in 2003) it is currently available as a free audible download and was a fun visit to an old favorite.  Stranded is the tale of best friends, one of whom may take things a little too for granted.  I loved how Roddick doesnít want to ruin their friendship by making his feelings known and how oblivious Kelli is.  Usually it is the guys who are oblivious and the woman who is throwing herself at him; in this case it is a silent reversal and a fun journey to realization.  Here is an opportunity to pick up Stranded for free and relive an earlier favorite.


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