Stakes & Stilettos by Michelle Rowen

Immortality Bites, Book 4

Grand Central Publishing


ISBN: 978-0446505840

Reviewed by Jo



Sarah Dearly might be a new vampire but her life has been exciting to say the least and now she has a new boyfriend, a master vampire no less, Thierry de Bennicoeur.  She bumped up against him one night and they helped each other.  Sarah is trying hard to be a normal vampire and get a full time job and keep her boyfriend.  But it just doesnít seem to be in Sarahís future Ė normal that is.

Thierry was tired of living and had decided to finally just end his life, well until he found himself helping a sexy and young vampire being hunter by slayers.  Now for maybe the first time in his 600 years, Thierry is alive and has to admit he is falling for the ever-senescent Sarah.  But he has been in a name only marriage forever and his past just might be catching up.

Sarah and Thierry have agreed to go to her high school reunion; the last thing Sarah feels the need to do before embracing her life as a vampire.  However the fates have other things in mind, first she is staked at a job interview, then she meets and is rescued by the Red Devil (a masked vampire myth), and if that isnít enough Sarah is cursed by a crazy black witch to be a nightwalker.  Thierry has helped and stood by Sarah through all of this, but if the curse canít be lifted will they be able to continue.  And what about the sudden reappearance of the Red Devil, does he have plans that might harm Thierry and Sarah?

Love is in the air so what could go wrong?  Stakes & Stilettos brings fun loving Sarah and the solemn Thierry together.  You would never believe they could be a couple, but this is a serious case of opposites attracting and falling head over heels.  Sarah just wants her man and a steady job Ė not asking a lot.  Thierry was done with everything until Sarah whirled into his world.  Now the two of them are on a Roller coaster of cosmically funny mishaps and serious consequences.  Sarah had me laughing in a few places and I had to love when Thierry tried to develop a sense of humor.  But just the fact that no matter what hit them, Thierry and Sarah stayed together and found a way around it, under it or through it showed the depth of the love between them.   Stakes & Stilettos will have your eyes rolling and the smiles coming from the first page to the last.  I absolutely canít wait until the next book so I can see just how they defeat anything and everything trying to come between them.


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