Seduced by Your Spell by Lois Greiman

Witches of Mayfair, Book 2


Historical / Paranormal

ISBN:  0061192015, 978-0061192012

Reviewed by Cassie



Madeline “Maddy” Fallon, Lady Redcombe, is not the lady and widow she pretends to be.  Instead she is a member of Les Chausettes, a coven of powerful witches who use their powers for the good of England.  When several young girls from the lower classes disappear, Maddy wants to help.  When her protector refuses to help, she leaves the coven and strikes out on her own, determined to save the young women. 

Jasper Reeves, Lord Gallo, has always been controlled to the point of not allowing himself to have feelings at all.  As the protector of Les Chausettes, he needs to be strong and untouchable.  Unfortunately, his weakness is Maddy.  He doesn’t want to let her go off on her own, and not just because it’s his job to protect her. 

Seduced by Your Spell is a hot, fast-paced paranormal tale.  Both Maddy and Jasper are fascinating characters.  They’re both hiding their terrible pasts behind masks of nobility.  Maddy’s powers were intriguing, and Jasper was all the more interesting for his lack of powers—except for his iron control, which almost seemed supernatural until his feelings for Maddy began to show through.  The mystery held my interest very well, and it was liberally spiced with the romantic tension between Maddy and Jasper.  They danced around each other so much I wanted to slap them both, and when they came together at last it was explosive!  I really liked the backdrop of a secret coven of witches.  The other witches and a host of other secondary characters made me want to read the first book in the series, as well as any future books Lois Greiman writes about them.  Fans of historicals, paranormals, and smoking hot romantic tension will be sure to enjoy Seduced by Your Spell, just as I did!


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