Scandal by Carolyn Jewel

Berkeley Sensation


ISBN: 978-0425225516

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Sophie Evans had loved her husband dearly, but he was a shameless rake who often left her for months at a time, rumors of affairs and bills being the only things she got to hold on to.  When Tommy brings home a friend, Lord Bannalt, Sophie assumes he is just like her scoundrel of a husband.  But from their first meeting, nothing goes as expected.

After Tommyís death, Bannalt sees his chance.  Heíd fallen for Sophie years ago, but they had both been married.  Now, they were both free and Bannalt wants Sophie as his wife.  But she doesnít believe he really loves her.  She is convinced he is just like her husband and will cheat if given the chance.  Itís up to Bannalt to convince her he is a changed man, and he will do anything to have her at his side.

I love Scandal!  Every woman dreams of a reformed rake falling in love with her, and Bannalt is a wonderfully complex character who changes through his love for Sophie.  With Scandal going back and forth in time, you can see how the relationship between Sophie and Bannalt grows.  Sophie is understandably wary and when she finally takes chances on Bannalt, itís wonderful to read.


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