Saddled by Delilah Devlin



ISBN: 978-1-60504-478-1

Reviewed by Tanya



Katherine Duvall can’t believe that she walked in on her fiancé in bed with another woman.  So she flees, never mind that she only has a small car and is not experienced in driving in the mountainous area where they were vacationing.  Add to that the snow that has suddenly appeared and she shouldn’t be surprised when her car slides off the highway into an icy creek.  She figures at this point it is all over.

She didn’t count on Cale and Bobby seeing her car in the creek or that they are determined to save her life.  When she wakes up naked in their bed (they were trying to save her and her rescuer from hypothermia) she is surprised but not shocked.  The more she thinks about things, and her cheating fiancé, they could be the prefect bookends to satisfy her revenge.  And they are pretty good for her self esteem as they are both entranced by her.  Now they are suddenly trapped in the remote cabin until the snowstorm is over, how will she react?

They have the smoldering hormones, and attractions.  What will happen when the storm is over though?

Saddled is a super spicy ménage a trois story that will keep your blood pumping while you read it.  Ms. Devlin knows how to write a seriously erotic scene.  I enjoyed the premise of Saddled and though it was a fun and fast paced read.


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