Rites of Mating by Brenna Lyons

Kegin Series, Book 2


Futuristic, Sci-Fi

ISBN: 978-1-60659-024-9
Reviewed by Patrice F.



Joseph and Jenneane, the twin rebred children of Jole and his Earthborn cross-mate Susan, are now of age.   The nobles are all competing to win them by any means necessary, fair or foul.  Joseph is determined to do things his way because his heart and soul is set on the woman of his choice.   Heís willing to wait until the time is right.  Jenneane must literally beat off her aggressive suitors without causing an incident.  One particular man has captured her attention; she finds him to be direct and honorable, intriguing yet intimidating.  Jenneane isnít certain just where to begin with someone whoís so formidable.

Engaging and addictive, I simply canít get enough of the libidinous Keen and their world, Kegin.  Rites of Mating continues the theme of finding (or convincing) that right mate featuring Joseph and Jenneane, now that the earlier genetic issues plaguing Kegin have been resolved.   This installment is bolstered by more court politics and schemes while getting to know the twins and their mates.  Thereís a glimpse of siblings and cousins along with a host of new faces who bring some interesting baggage to the plot.  For this part, I would have liked more of Jenneane and a little less of Joseph, or perhaps at least balance of the two.  The upside is learning more and more about Keen life, the plight of commoners and the hardships faced by them, and Kegin social structure and law.                 

Iíve declare the Kegin series a hit.   It would make another amazing Showtime series like The Tudors.  Once it reels you in, you wonít be able to stop, which shows just how effectively and brilliantly the author has built her world.


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