Redesigning Adele by Talya Bosco

Loose Id

Contemporary Ménage

ISBN: 978-1-59632-554-8

Reviewed by Shayna



It just isn’t Adele Waters’ day.  Plagued by her desire for her best friends, Leo and Max, Adele can’t get fantasies of the two men out of her head.  Even though she knows they’re bisexual, Max and Leo are in a committed relationship with one another, so there’s no way they’d be interested in the petite, plus-sized Adele.  If only the easy way Max and Leo casually touch her wasn’t becoming enough to drive her mad.  What Adele doesn’t realize is that Max and Leo want her.  She’s already in the lovers’ hearts, now they want her in their bed and permanently in their life; they just have to make her realize it.  Now Max and Leo grow tired of waiting for Adele to see their attraction to her.  The voluptuous designer is about to see a whole new side of her sexy best friends.

I must admit, I finished Redesigning Adele more than somewhat envious of its heroine.  Talya Bosco has penned a sensual, heartwarming romance with two truly irresistible heroes.  I couldn’t get enough of Leo and Max.   Their love for one another is strong, and I liked and respected them for their complete honesty with each other and the open communication between them.  It isn’t just a simple matter of wanting Adele in their bed, and it is to Ms. Bosco’s credit that she doesn’t have Max and Leo’s relationship immediately expand into a threesome like magic.  As for the third in the book’s triad, I adored Adele.  She was a strong character, but not without self-consciousness or vulnerability.  She didn’t let either her emotions or Max and Leo railroad her, but rather was realistically cautious about risking her heart to be a part of their relationship.

Redesigning Adele is, on the whole, utterly delightful.  It’s sexy, romantic, and has three protagonists I was cheering for to find a way to make their relationship work.  This is the first book of Ms. Bosco’s I’ve ever read and it definitely won’t be the last.


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