Prelude by Selena Illyria

Blood Claim, Book 2

Loose Id


ISBN: 978-1-59632-866-2

Reviewed by Jo



Kit is putting up Valentine decorations up around the Inn and wondering if her true love has forgotten about her.  It has been months since she last heard or saw Rysen and Kit knows all about what can happen at the Vampyre court.  Valentineís means more than just a holiday for the lovers and Kit is hoping that Rysen will remember.

Rysen is finally back and just as he begins to look for Kit he notices the calendar.  With only hours to work up a surprise for his love, Rysen gets into action but Kit overhears just enough to upset the entire thingóhim ordering flowers for another woman.  Rysen isnít going to let a misunderstanding spoil his homecoming or his passionate surprise for Kit.  Memories of the past help Rysen give Kit a night of passion she will never forget, even if he has to tie her up to give it to her.

Prelude brings another chapter in the mating of Kit and Rysen.  Kit is afraid that Rysen has changed his mind about her after months without word from him. Rysen knew just how easy it would be to forget his responsibilities and be with Kit, so he didnít contact her while he was away at court.  I loved learning about how Kit and Rysen first met and just how immediate their attraction was.  I wasnít sure if Rysen would be able to convince Kit that she was who he wanted, but I quickly learned never to bet against a head vampire.  Their Valentineís night was both passionate and erotic and finally gave Kit some insight into just how much Rysen has always wanted her.  I canít wait until the next chapter of their lives.  Prelude is hot, passionate and erotic while showing the misunderstandings and emotions that new lovers deal with.


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