Phantomís Touch by Julie Leto

Phantom Series, Book 2

Signet Eclipse


ISBN: 978-0451224903

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Lauren Cole is a famous movie star, recently divorced and about to film the final film in her Athena series.  Shortly before filming is to start, she takes back from her husband the sword he once bought her.  She has always felt an attachment to the sword, and she decides to make sure he canít keep it from her.

When she finally gets to hold the sword, something strange happens.  A man appears, claiming to have been trapped in the sword since the 1700s.  Despite the strangeness of the situation, the attraction between Aiden and Lauren canít be denied.

But someone else wants the sword, and the magic it contains.  And they will go through Lauren and Aiden to get it.

This is the second book in the Phantom series, and it might be best to read the first one before reading Phantomís Touch.  I felt like I was missing something despite the efforts to keep the reader updated. 

Laurenís reaction to having a phantom appear is mitigated by the lust and connection she feels with Aiden.  And being chased by a secret society, a quasi-stalker from her past and her ex-husband doesnít seem to phase her, or her best friend, who manages to get caught up in the whole thing.  For a book full of action, I was actually a little let down.  I just couldnít get into the story, or even into caring what happened to the characters.


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