One Silent Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dark- Hunter, Book 23

St. Martin’s Press

Sensual Paranormal

ISBN 987-0-312-94706-4

Reviewed by Nannette



To kill Acheron Parthenopaeus and Nick Gautier, Stryker, the Daimon lord and son of Apollo, revives War, the fiercest of the Machae -- the sprits of battle. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems, though, and Stryker inadvertently unleashes a power that has the ability and desire to annihilate everyone in its path. Those who love Acheron seek to prevent his death by destroying Stryker. Artemis sends Zephyra to kill Stryker. Zephyra is all too happy to send the man who broke her heart to Hades. She brings more than her dagger with her and the surprise shocks Stryker to his core. Stryker has heaped a whole lot of trouble for himself on his already overflowing plate. If he can survive the battle he started, he might be able to convince the woman to whom he lost his heart to give him another chance. That is, if she doesn’t kill him first.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” takes on new meaning with Zephyra.    One would have to be crazy to mess with her. Enter Stryker. He’s crazy but in a more ruthless, evil, heartless kind of way. Throughout the Dark Hunter series, Stryker is portrayed as pretty close to pure evil, so seeing him with a more human side is odd. I liked it, but it was odd. I like the story behind Stryker and Zephyra’s relationship in One Silent Night, but I like the information given on Nick and the confrontation between Nick and Acheron even better. While One Silent Night’s story about Stryker’s lost love is interesting, I think I would prefer to leave the bad guys bad. The dynamics are changed a bit. One Silent Night delivers bombshell after bombshell in the Dark Hunter world. It explains so much but still leaves you hungry and needing more. The end is an explosive sight. Unimaginable allies join forces to attempt to defeat War. One Silent Night takes us closer to Nick Gautier’s story. It’s one I cannot wait for!


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