Nikolaiís Wolf by Zena Wynn

True Mates, Book 3

Loose Id

Erotic Paranormal

ISBN 978-1-59632-894-5

Reviewed by Nannette



Shannon McFelan is the Alpha-fem of the Sparrowhawks wolf pack. Her brother Rory is Alpha and wants her mated, so he sends any unmated males her way. Shannon wants to choose her own mate. When Rory orders a hunt, a run where any unmated male can claim any unmated female, Shannon has to run and fight for her freedom. Vampire Nikolai Taranosky finds Shannon after she has been injured in the hunt. He takes her to the alpha of the Raven pack, Alex Wolfe, who cares for her. Nikolaiís attraction to Shannon grows stronger every time he secretly visits her while she sleeps and he begins to take matters into his own hands making her his chosen.  Wolves and vampires are incompatible but that doesnít stop Nikolai and Shannon from wanting each other.

Nikolaiís Wolf is an erotic romance where the focus is heavy on the mating. Nikolai and Shannon donít deal with their bond until half-way through the story. There are many interesting characters whose stories unfold throughout the book, but I would have preferred the focus to be on the main characters. Nikolaiís Wolf is a good story for readers who like to read about the intense sexual chemistry of mating.


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