Blood and Sex, Volume 1: Michael by Angela Cameron

Ravenous Romance

Paranormal, Vampire, BDSM

ISBN: 978-1-60777-111-1

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Detective Victoria Tyler is investigating a vampire serial killer thatís been preying on human women in the Collins Bay area.  The last vampire she wants to turn to for help in tracking down the killer is Michael, club owner and the enforcer of the vampire Mafiaís cosca.  Victoriaís position is dangerous because she is an unclaimed human that knows that vampires exist, plus she almost killed Michael.  To catch the murderer, Victoria must surrender her body and will to Michael to infiltrate their dark world.  Itís a struggle to keep her heart from betraying her.  Victoria is a woman carrying the painful scars of betrayal.  Michael will need to fight every step of the way to win her love and trust while keeping her safe.

Angela Cameron has generated a shadowy underworld of sex, blood and intrigue with two very strong-willed and passionate characters that keep the action on the edge.   The terminology, rituals and laws of Michaelís world is riveting.  I was fascinated by the hot-blooded power struggle between Victoria and Michael, their sensuous and sordid history, and the consequences of their choices and bond.  The best part is that the brutality is balanced out by deep love and fierce protectiveness.  The vampire social structure seemed labyrinth at times; I needed to grasp a thread here and there to find my way back into the plot.   Although the jargon added authenticity to the setting, it certainly kept me on my toes. 

Blood and Sex, Volume 1: Michael races from page to page, bursting with loads of sexual tension, steamy sex, vile villains, Machiavellian schemes and paranormal thrills.  The supporting characters such as Jonas and Jude are delightful while bringing to mind vamps from Laurell K. Hamiltonís Anita Blake series but all in a complimentary good way since Ms. Cameron adds a fresh twist to her vamps.   And like the Anita Blake series, thereís a fair share of graphic violence.   All and all, this novel carries its own weight without comparisons and will do quite well as a preternatural crime series.


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