Matchmakerís Misery by Brenna Lyons

Kegin Series, Book 3


Futuristic, Sci-Fi

ISBN:  978-1-60659-063-8

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Pilar has led a sheltered life, always surrounded by her father and overprotective brothers.  At this rate sheíll never meet anyone.  Then a powerful stranger infiltrates her cocoon with the intent of using her to further his own cause.  What he doesnít count on is having his heart captivated by Pilarís artless affections and unschooled passion.

Eve decides to pursue a relationship with a man that the Keen nobles look down upon.  She approaches things with her head and heart; what she finds is far more rewarding than biased opinions from shallow aristocratic circles.

Kyraís first time mating was traumatic, nearly ending her life.  She has sworn off men for good.  However, self-made vows donít always keep you safe from love.

Matchmakerís Misery takes off at a wildly passionate pace with Pilarís story in all its Romeo/Juliet-esque angst.  Her star-crossed mating is torrid while traveling an emotional rollercoaster.  I had nary a complaint.  Although Eveís budding romance is enjoyable, itís a cheer fest for the underdog and enhances her confidence and complexity.  There was a plot turn that for some reason (more like personal preference) that didnít work for me.  Otherwise, it was quite different in Eveís choice of partner.  It also shows just how nasty and vicious Keen nobles can be.   Kyraís story fell flat at the beginning but by midpoint through the end, I was won over.  I think I was confused about her condition.  Still, once I got into the story, it was smooth sailing.

Everything staggers to a halt with a tiny cliffhanger.  This was a bit of a letdown because I admire how Ms. Lyonsí world building skills leaves enough space for a continuing the main storyline without resorting to serial tactics so that each installment is closed.  I guess it worked because Iím tapping my toes in anticipation for the next segment. 


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