Making Mischief by Leila Brown




ISBN:  978-1-60521-016-2

Reviewed by Tanya



Mischief was claimed as a bride on Yarthax by two brothers (Rothe and Ritor) in a ceremony that was never to have taken place.  Mischief and Mirage (her sister) had hoped to escape before the choosing of brides, as they were only on the planet in search of their sister.  When things go wrong they both escape and to help their chances of survival Mischief is dropped on an alien planet while Mirage leads the men in another direction.  But, Rothe and Ritor were not fooled and they pursue Mischief onto the planetís surface, as they know there is a reason the planet is uninhabited.

Will they be able to find and convince Mischief to be their mate before something else on the planet finds her?  And if they find her will she let herself obtain the one thing she has always wanted?

Making Mischief was a wonderful conclusion to the story of these three sisters (Shockwave, Mischief and Mirage).  It picks up where Mischief is trying to stay alive on the mysterious alien planet, and trying to stay away from the brothers who have laid claim to her.  Ms. Brown does a phenomenal job in describing the fantasy planet and how the inhabitants will react to the disturbance of the three beings.

Making Mischief can be a stand alone story but you may feel a little lost if you donít at least read Mastering Mirage first.  But, having said that I think that you should take the time to read Making Mischief and not only will you like it but you will want to read the stories of Shockwave and Mirage.


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