Lessons in Desire by Charlie Cochrane

Cambridge Fellows Mysteries, Book 2

Samhain Publishing

Gay Mystery

ISBN: 978-1-60504-728-7

Reviewed by Cassie



Despite his lover’s extreme dislike of the idea, Jonty Stewart is determined to take Orlando Coppersmith on holiday, away from the university.  They go to Jersey to relax for two weeks.  Orlando is nervous about being in public, and his reserved nature makes relaxing difficult.  On top of that, another guest seems to be a bit more interested in Orlando than is proper.  Then there’s a murder at the hotel, and Stewart and Coppersmith find themselves once again at the center of an investigation…

Cambridge fellows and amateur sleuths, Jonathon “Jonty” Stewart and Orlando Coppersmith return for another mystery in Lessons in Desire.  Stewart and Coppersmith are an odd couple, what with Stewart’s outgoing, fun-loving ways and Coppersmith’s reserved, cautious nature, but together they just work.  They’re so sweet together!  I really enjoyed watching Orlando come out of his shell a bit and learn to have fun on holiday.  The other guests at the hotel are an interesting bunch.  The mystery itself held my interest, and though I figured out whodunit before the main characters did, I didn’t figure it out so early that I got annoyed with them for not getting it.  The setting and historical details were great.  I especially loved the details about “bathing” in the ocean and the “bathing costumes” they wore.  As in the last Cambridge Fellows mystery, the love scenes are sweet, tasteful, and non-explicit.  Fans of historicals, mysteries, and sweet romance should pick up Lessons in Desire.  I’d recommend reading Lessons in Love first to get the background on how Jonty and Orlando’s relationship began (and because it’s a good story). 


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