Lakota by Jordyn Tracey

Sugar and Spice Press

Sci-Fi, IR

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Tawni loves her man Lakota.  He’s sheer physical perfection; a highly paid Native American model who spends all his time partying and getting high.  Still, she accepts him for who he is even though he might not be the man for her.  Lately, she’s been having dreams about another Lakota in another place that is caring and considerate and calls her his wife.  Is her desire to leave Lakota part of the reason she’s been having these crazy dreams?

When trouble finds Tawni’s younger sister, Lisa, she stumbles onto something strange enough to test the boundaries of her dreams.  She’s not certain if she can rely on Lakota or anyone to help her with what she finds.  The answers she seeks are much closer to being resolved than realized.

At first, I thought I was in for another story about a troubled relationship that takes a turn when another guy comes on the scene.  I was so wrong.  Jordyn Tracey is way too creative for such a limiting plotline.  There were three plot twists that were nicely executed.  I must say I was surprised and kudos to Ms. Tracey for stunning a seasoned bibliophile.  My only complaint was I had a difficult time connecting to Tawni and Lakota.  I thought they were quite likeable yet they just didn’t do it for me.  There’s loads of amazing details the author adds to their histories and development but for some reason it didn’t particularly grab me.  This didn’t detract from Lakota in the least, and I could chalk it up to my own personal preferences when it comes down to characterization and writing style.  I was so intrigued by this author that I’d like to try more of her work on for size, since the fit for this story was a just bit off for me.  I’d like to say for the larger reading audience, this story is a sure win and a bull’s eye in every other aspect.


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