In His Mind by Cheryl Dragon

Ellora’s Cave

Gay Paranormal

ISBN: 9781419916786

Reviewed by Cassie



Telepath Parker Mullins can read thoughts and talk to ghosts, but he can’t get the man he wants.  He’s wanted Adam Rayne for a long time, but never had the chance to work with him alone.  Now that he and Adam are finally going to investigate a haunting on their own, can Parker convince the man to give him a chance?

I liked In His Mind, but I didn’t love it.  The set-up with a psychic paranormal investigator and his colleague was cool.  I liked the ghost-busting aspect as well.  The ghost’s story was interesting.  The problem was that everything happened really quickly, and parts seemed too perfect to be true.  If you like ghosts and psychics, In His Mind delivers what it promises—a quickie with a paranormal twist.


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