Hunters of the Nile by Ellie Moonwater

Lyrical Press

Historical, Time-Travel

Reviewed by Patrice F.



One moment, Callista is preparing to end a long day of work, and the next she’s being hunted!  While trying to evade her pursuers and the dogs, she stumbles through time and space into the deserts of Ancient Egypt.   She is rescued by a handsome noble, Horem, a warrior of standing who welcomes her into his home and heart.  Callie becomes ensconced in the daily routine and intrigues of life along the Nile.   With Horem at her side, her heart is won and the longer she is there, the less she feels connected to her past life.

Hunters of the Nile is a visually stimulating tale bursting with details from Ancient Egypt within a plot that accelerates and decelerates accordingly until you’re swept along.  I particularly got into how a well appointed household operated; how they bathed, what they ate and every day chores. There’s also a remarkable twist about the way marriages in the era worked which I refuse to give away. 

Ellie Moonwater’s writing style is clear and vibrant, the language and characters entrancing.  Amber and Horem are playful and passionate beneath the blazing desert sun and cool sultry nights.  There’s danger, excitement and fascinating historical touches that combined into a brilliantly paced and crisp narrative.   I really liked this story a lot, and if there were a few things here and there that left me questioning, I didn’t mind at all.  If you’ve ever been intrigued by the lifestyle and people of Ancient Egypt (like me), here’s a story that’s a sure to be a treat.


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