Highland Sinner by Hannah Howell


Sensual Historical

ISBN 978-0-8217-8001-5

Reviewed by Nannette



Tormand Murrayís past is coming back to haunt him. Many of the women he has bedded in the past are being brutally killed. Proving his innocence is going to be difficult, especially when he wakes in the bed of one of the slain women. Morainn Ross was exiled years ago for being a witch. Lately her visions have shown her a man she believes to be innocent, accused of slaying women.  With few places to find help, Tormand turns to Morainn hoping her visions will lead him to the real killer. Once he sets eyes on Morainn, Tormandís wandering eyes cease to wander. Morainn doesnít fool herself believing a man like Tormand will ever want her for anything more than her body, but her traitorous heart wants him anyway. If they donít find the killer soon, Tormand may hang and Morainn may be the next victim, before Tormand has the chance to prove that he is changing his ways.  

Tormand is the sinner of the Highlands. He leaves a trail of well-loved women in his wake. MorainnĎs feelings regarding Tormandís colorful past with the lasses are definitely valid, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and Morainnís wants Tormand. Highland Sinnerís tale of suspense and gruesome imagery is a well-done modern suspense story in a historical setting.


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