Her Private John by Betty Womack



ISBN: 1-60601-320-3

Reviewed by Tanya



Bella Cantatore has lived the life of a wealthy socialite, who has had a secret crush on her bodyguard for years.  The only thing is that while John may desire her he will not do anything as he is hired to be her bodyguard by Bella’s father and therefore will not step outside what he sees as his honorable duties.  No matter how hard she pushes him.  Once she turns 21 things change a bit as she has a career of her own and John stays on working for her father.

When Bella’s father passes away she and John find that the crafty old man might just have outwitted them both.  Bella must marry John and stay with him for at least six months to inherit. 

Bella agrees to the stipulation as she has loved John for years and feels this might finally be the chance to make him see she is not just a spoiled little girl any longer.  Belle and John react to each other like oil and water that is until they both let their feelings out to play.  I liked the idea of forcing these two together, as an outsider could easily see that the chemistry these two characters could produce would be fantastic.

I found Her Private John to be a pleasurable read.  It was an extremely fast paced, sexually charged journey into the lives of two extremely headstrong characters.  I found it interesting that Ms. Womack had both characters thinking the worst of each other, when in reality they were just fighting their own insecurities and desires.  I found Her Private John to be well worth my time.


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