Ginger: The Spice of Life by Kara Larson

Torquere Press

Contemporary (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-633-9, 1-60370-633-X

Reviewed by Sabella



Donald hates being noticed – hates it!  And it doesn’t help his plight that he is a bright redhead with milky skin and shinny blue eyes.  His looks have always brought him what he has felt was negative attention, so he avoids people at all costs.  But one day when his path crosses with Brian, Donald experiences so many things around this man that won’t let him go – inadequacy, jealousy and longing.  After all, Brian has done all the things that Donald has dreamt of doing. Will Brian’s attention to Donald prove to be too much or just enough?

Ginger: The Spice of Life is a wonderful story about a shy man that hides from life and society. When he is pursued by a man that won’t let him get away with it, Donald is forced to come face to face with his fears.  I absolutely loved how Kara Larson brought Donald and his crippling shyness brightly to life and Brian’s zest for life.  Ginger: The Spice of Life is a must have for readers that like emotional stories that make your heart ache with happiness and satisfaction.


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