Finding a Heart of Snow by Ian Sentelik

Dreamspinner Press

Gay Fantasy

Reviewed by Cassie



Lately, Marmion “Mar” Roy has been having terrible luck.  In the past few days, he’s been robbed, fallen down the stairs, been dumped, and experienced a host of other terrible things.  Then a strange-looking guy claiming to be a snow spirit attacks him.

Shirai is on a quest to find the luck demon who stole his people’s Snow Heart, a conglomeration of all their hearts.  They removed them after their queen died of heartbreak, and now they feel nothing.  Unfortunately, the heart is a source of power.  What will happen when Shirai’s piece of the heart is returned to him?

Finding a Heart of Snow is an interesting, imaginative fantasy.  I felt bad for poor, unlucky Mar.  Shirai is a strange and unusual character, but I could empathize with him as well—especially as he was adjusting to being reunited with his heart.  Their quest to retrieve the Snow Heart kept me turning pages to see what would happen next.  The romance part moved very quickly, maybe too quickly, but since it was a fantasy that wasn’t as bothersome as it could have been.  The only thing I really wasn’t keen on was the ending, which rang a bit hollow for me.


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