Endangered by Kathleen Dante

The En Series, Book 3

Berkley Heat


ISBN: 978-0-425-22607-0

Reviewed by Vivian



Cyn Malva has risen to the ranks of homicide detective in the cityís Tactical Unit.  Her special magic skills have helped her move up the ranks.  Usually frustrated by the men who are intimidated by her skills, she finds solace in the arms of Rio.

Rio Rafael, a special ops sniper, has enjoyed his no-strings affair with Cyn for quite a while now.  But when their situation changes, he is ready to make a commitment to Cyn. 

When a crazed serial killer case starts to hit close to home, Cyn matches the killerís targeted victims and becomes the object of the killerís obsession.  Now Rio is in the way and must be eliminated.  Can Cyn and Rio escape the psycho killer and finally get a chance to commit? 

Endangered is a magical adventureÖ

Endangered is not your typical cop book.  Even though this is book three in the series, you donít need to read them to be able to follow along.  The magical elements in this book were really a welcome touch to some typical Ďcopí books.  I liked how Cyn was strong and confident and really enjoyed her no-strings romance with Rio.  But when she realizes that she could lose him at any moment, she re-evaluates her feelings.  Rio is a great alpha male and you know he really loves Cyn, and is unwilling to let her run away from her feelings.  Add in the crazy psycho and this is a great action adventure with some magic thrown in.  Endangered will keep your interest from page one, and if you like hot and sexy romances, this is the book for you.


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