Embers by Tory Temple

Torquere Press

Contemporary Firefighter (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-614-8, 1-60370-614-3

Reviewed by Sabella



Chris and Morgan have been together now for two years and like any other couple they have their ups and downs.  Lately they seem to have more downs than ups and Morgan seems moodier than ever.  So following Tuckerís advice, Chris chooses to give way and keep the peace, but at what cost?  Is their relationship going to survive the silences and fights?

Embers is a great story that continues the tale of Chris and Morganís life together. Except this time things arenít as rosy as they have been in the past Ė not that they were ever all that rosy.  Still, Chris and Morgan have their balance and their relationship works. However, what will happen when Chris discovers that Morgan has been keeping secrets from him Ė secrets that could pull them apart permanently?  True to Tory Temple style, these men set the pages on fire and all their differences are swept away by their passion.  Surprisingly enough, Chris and Morgan manage to work out their differences by talking and understanding one another rather than fighting.  Pick up Embers and find out where Chris and Morgan have traveled and where they are headed Ė donít miss out!


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