Dream Warrior by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dream-Hunter, Book 25

St. Martin’s Press

Sensual Paranormal

ISBN 978-0-312-93883-3

Reviewed by Nannette



Cratus was a god and one of the guardians of Zeus. Then he spared a life he was supposed to take, so Zeus bound his powers and banished him. Six thousand years later, Cratus now goes by the name Jericho and his hatred for Zeus and the other gods who betrayed him has only grown.

Delphine is a half-human Dream–Hunter. She has been sent by Zeus to convince Jericho to fight against Noir -- an evil god who has waged war against the gods and humans alike.  Jericho only wants revenge against Zeus, so he takes Noir’s side. Delphine is faced with a choice: seduce Jericho or kill him. If he regains his powers, he will have the ability to destroy the world. If she can convince him to fight with the good guys, he can save it. Jericho has waited six thousand years to exact his revenge, and it’s in his grasp now. Delphine will have to be very convincing if she is going to change his mind.  An army of good is forming against an army of evil. Jericho may once again have to choose his life or someone else’s to save the world and the woman he loves.

I love the way Sherrilyn Kenyon beats, batters, and tortures her heroes almost as much as I love how sexy she makes them. Their painful pasts make them the warriors they become.  Kenyon’s descriptive writing style is unparalleled.  Delphine is a woman who’s never really felt emotions and Jericho is filled with rage. Those dynamics, plus Delphine’s innocence, make their relationship fiery and intense. Aside from her amazing storytelling ability, Kenyon is a big tease. Dream Warrior is full of sneak peaks of what’s to come. After Acheron’s, Nick’s story is the Dark-Hunter I am most eager to read about. Dream Warrior is one of my favorite Dark-Hunter stories to date. It has a great romance, lots of excitement, and an intriguing storyline.


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