Devon Cream by Jet Mykles

Aspen Mountain Press

Gay Contemporary

ISBN:  978-1-60168-188-1

Reviewed by Cassie



Steven is a thirty-one year old cook with a penchant for helping people.  When he meets a new tenant in his building, cute twenty-two year old Devon, he canít resist helping the younger man out.  Heís very much attracted to Devon, but since Devonís a friend, years younger, and straight, tells himself nothing will ever come of it.  Is Devon only taking advantage of his generosity, or is something more at work?

Devon Cream is a cute, hot little tale of unexpected love.  Generous, caring Steven is a very sympathetic character, and I couldnít help but like clueless but eager-to-please Devon.  As always in a Jet Mykles work, the love scenes are hot and thereís lots of sexual tension.  I enjoyed the storyline, and Stevenís friend Patty is a fun addition.  While Devon Cream isnít a super-deep story, and I would have liked to have seen a bit of Devonís point of view, itís an enjoyable read.


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