Dead After Dark by Sherrilyn Kenyon, J.R. Ward, Susan Squires, and Dianna Love

St. Martin’s Press

Sensual Paranormal Anthology

ISBN: 978-0312947989

Reviewed by Nannette



“Shadow of the Moon” by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Four hundred years ago, Angelia turned her back on Fury when she found out he was a wolf. Fury has never gotten over Angelia’s betrayal. When a lion shifter is attacked, Fury and Angelina meet again, trying to discover who is responsible. Their hatred for each other is still strong, but when Angelia discovers that the truth is not what it seemed, can they finally move on and learn to accept each other, or are they doomed to remain enemies forever?

Sherrilyn Kenyon proves she can pack just as much of a punch with a short story as she does with a long one.  “Shadow of the Moon” is detailed and intense, but the story moves fast and, as a result, it’s hard to imagine that romance could bloom between Angelia and Fury so quickly, especially because they hated each other so fiercely.


“The Story of Son” by J.R. Ward

Claire Stroughton is a brilliant and aggressive attorney. Claire lives and breathes her work, so when an elderly client asks her to make the two-hour drive to her home to go over her will, she goes willingly. Miss Leeds had an ulterior motive, though. Her son needs Claire. Claire doesn’t remember what happened in the Leeds mansion that weekend, but it had a profound effect on her and changed her life forever. When she returns for Miss Leeds’ funeral, memories come rushing back to her and she takes charge of her future by setting someone else free.

J.R. Ward takes a creative spin with “The Story of Son.”  It is unique and fresh and very well written. I fell in love with Michael and was captivated from start to finish by his story.  


“Beyond the Night “by Susan Squires

Fifteen years ago Drew Carlowe was forced to leave his beloved Emily behind when he was convicted of a crime and sent to prison.  Now Drew is back, and he has reinvented himself.  He finds a different woman at Asland Estate, though, one who is desirable and mysterious. Drew is about to discover that she is a danger to more than his heart.

Having read several of the Companion series books before, I knew what to expect from “Beyond the Night. “  It’s a good emotional story. It’s sexy and intense with a hint of danger and excitement.  


“Midnight Kiss Goodbye” by Dianna Love

Trey left the love of his life nine years ago when he received his calling as a Belador warrior. Sasha doesn’t know that Trey has been watching over her all these years. Desperate to help her sister Rowan, Sasha summons a magician named Ekkbar for help. Ekkbar wants Sasha for his own evil plans, though. Trey is hunting for Ekkbar and his hunt takes him to Sasha’s door. Trey has been hiding a secret from Sasha, but Sasha has one as well. Even as they now help each other fight Ekkbar, Trey may still have to choose between his love for Sasha and the future of his tribe.

“Midnight Kiss Goodbye” is too intricate and frankly, too good to be a short story. A novella doesn’t do this story justice.  The world Dianna Love creates in “Midnight Kiss Goodbye” is very interesting, but it’s too much information in too few pages.


Four power-house authors write intriguing stories in Dead After Dark. Unfortunately, all but “The Story of Son” were too short.  They are all good, but in paranormal stories, especially when a world is being introduced, longer is better. 


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