Daybreak by Keira Andrews

Sequel to Eight Nights

Loose Id

Gay Contemporary (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-59632-809-9

Reviewed by Sabella



Lucas and Nate have been together for months now, but only being able to sneak a meeting here or there as  Nate’s family has no clue he is gay.  However, now Nate and Lucas are both studying in NYU and they have cooked up a story of being “roommates” to justify living together in the city.  And for a while things couldn’t be better between Lucas and Nate, but then Lucas makes a mistake that Nate can’t forgive him for – will they ever be able to move past it and come together again?  And if they ever do, however will they deal with the secrets they keep from Nate’s family?

Daybreak is a wonderfully emotional and sensual story that runs the gamut from young rosy-colored love to a real relationship with all the work and rewards that it entails.  Nate is young, yet certain of who he is; however, he is completely intimidated by the thought of telling his family that he will never meet their expectations of him – becoming a lawyer and marrying a nice Jewish girl.  Lucas, having no family of his own enjoys the acceptance and love he gets from Nate’s family – but will he lose it all if he loses Nate?  Both these boys become men as the story progresses and it’s a pleasure to watch, even if at times it makes the heart hurt.  Don’t miss Lucas and Nate as they burn up the pages together and survive the rollercoaster of emotion that starts with a stupid mistake.  Daybreak is a superbly told tale that is aptly named as it tells the tale of the dawn of an adult relationship between Nate and Lucas.  Don’t miss this wonderful story by Keira Andrews!


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