Dark Thrall by Celeste Anwar

New Concepts Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60394-270-6

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Elumi warrior Raphael has suffered under the weight of exile from his home world, Pearthen.  Forbidden to ever return, Raphael searches for a life mate to carry his child.  From the moment he spots Isabel, he knows she is perfect for him.  Once Isabel learns that the hot guy sheís spent an amazing night with isnít human, sheís eager to send him packing because heís drawing a truck load of trouble into her life.  The last thing she wants or needs is danger, no matter how strong her feelings are for him.

Dark Thrall was originally part of The Fallen anthology, and itís certainly just as humorous, well-written and sensual, complete with a feisty heroine and a to-die-for Elumi hunk.  Isabel is assertive, tough and an all around city girl type with bayou origins.  It made her likeable, although I didnít quite always agree with her choices regarding Raphael.  Wherever the Elumi are involved thereís action and danger, which adds an element of suspense and thrills. Thatís enough to put any relationship-in-progress on edge.  Raphaelís self-conscious stumbling and vulnerability balanced out his aggression and dismissal of Izzyís freedom to choose. The sex is addictive enough to make her forget and forgive his transgressions while she slows down to listen to her heart.

If you arenít familiar with the Elumi universe, Dark Thrall is an excellent intro to the world of the golden-haired Garyn and their darkly gorgeous enemies, the Marceenians.   For the record, Raphael is Marceenian, but there are other stories featuring Garyn characters.  Hopefully, New Concepts Publishing will release a sequel to the original collection. 


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