Dark Forest Nights by Morgan Sierra

eXcessica Publishing

Paranormal erotica, HFN

Reviewed by Patrice F.



A lonely woman stumbles upon a well-endowed male masturbating in the woods.  Sheís hungry for more at the sight.  She dares to return until finally, he catches her in the act of spying on him.

Should she be afraid?  And isnít there something just a little off about this situation?

Dark Forest Nights is an erotically blended fantasy that carries a solid, realistic narrative.  Weíre allowed entry into the mind of the sexually frustrated woman thatís recalling her encounter with a naked stranger whoís obviously more than what he seems.  You never know the charactersí names, yet itís easy to become involved with them.  Thereís tension, yearning and no-holds-barred sex with an undercurrent of danger.   All and all, the authorís writing style is stimulating and electrifying.  This story is a compact, well-crafted helping that leaves you with an intriguing flavor for more.  For certain, Iíll be on the lookout for other works by Morgan Sierra.


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