Dark Edges by Mae Powers

Spellfire Shadows

Midnight Showcase


Reviewed by Jo



Electra Spellfire is happy and getting ready for the entire town to show up for what was to be her small anniversary party.  She has no reason not to have everyone share her enjoyment of her current husband, Alexander.  Electra knows that it is time to tell Alex of her guardianship role for LifeCore.  No one really knows when LifeCore came to be in Spellfire, but Electra knows that she is important to it.

This is one anniversary party that Spellfire will never forget.  Great food and dancing began it and an epic battle ended it.   To save Spellfire and LifeCore, Electra takes Alex to see LifeCore, only things are not as she was led to believe and now Electra has to find a way to save both her current husband and her ex-husband and destroy what Electra thought she was to protect.  A powerful sorceress, it is going to take everything that Electra has to save her loved ones and Spellfire.

"Never tick off a sorceress" should be on t-shirts in Spellfire, Texas.  Dark Edges takes me back to that whimsical town called Spellfire, but this time it is to see a much darker and crueler side of it.  Electra is not only one of the main family members but she is a very powerful sorceress who protects it.  Protecting her town and loved ones is extremely important to Electra.  I couldn’t read fast enough when the three battles that seemed the most important to the ending came about.  I wanted Electra to get everything she wanted, while knowing the entire time that would be impossible.  Dark Edges is a roller coaster ride on your emotions until the final battle.  A story you won’t want to miss if you are a follower of Spellfire stories or just really good paranoramals.


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