Dare’s Christmas Gift by AKM Miles

Torquere Press

Contemporary/Holiday (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-565-3, 1-60370-565-1

Reviewed by Sabella



Ryan and Dare have settled into their life as a couple and as parents to a rambunctious child.  However, when an old threat resurfaces they are forced to hold themselves together to survive the experience and help the children overcome the experience as well.  Dare, however, has the perfect gift for Ryan to take his mind of the recent events and on the important things – their love and their family.  At this point the real question becomes when Ryan gets his gift, will they survive the sensual aftermath…

Dare’s Christmas Gift continues the very emotional story begun in Dare To and gives us a look into how Dare and Ryan’s relationship has moved along and how they have become a real family in all the ways that matter.  Dare’s Christmas Gift has its share of sappy moments making it a perfect holiday read.


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