Dakota Ranch Crude

Dakota Ranch Crude by Leah Brooke

Dakota Heat, Book 2

Siren Publishing


Reviewed by Tanya



Samantha Cross canít believe her brother has gotten into so much trouble, again.  But, this time he has gone too far and her life is threatened along with his.  Not only have his employers pressed charges against him for trying to steel their bull but he has also managed to become indebted to some rather unsavory characters.  So she does the only thing that she can think of she goes to his employers for help.  She wants them to stop pressing charges against him.  But, Shayne and Jackson take one look at the cute unsuspecting woman and decide that they wonít drop the charges unless she agrees to be their housekeeper for at least a year.  Both hope for more, in the terms of a relationship, but are willing to start with the housekeeping.  They also both promise to keep her safe from the thugs that are pursuing her and her brother.

Samantha canít believe that these two seriously good looking men are being so kind to her and her brother.  She is also a little surprised at how protective they have gotten of her.  She is attracted to both of them and canít seem to reconcile the feelings.  First there is good looking Jackson and then there is the gentle giant Shayne.  Will she be able to accept the future that Jackson is offering?  And will she and her brother Pete live to be able to live out their future?

I found Dakota Ranch Crude to be an intriguing story.  I enjoy Ms. Brookeís style of writing and have found this recent Dakota Heat offering to be well written and spicy.  It is interesting that she has the story progress through the stages of the men being protective and not just lusting after Samantha.  I enjoyed Dakota Ranch Crude and look forward to other stories offered in the Dakota Heat Series.


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