Crystal Captive by Lynne Connolly

Department 57

Loose Id


ISBN: 978-1-59632-896-9

Reviewed by Jo



Dominici Serafino is working on a sting and trying to see just who will make contact with him.  Dominici is a dragon shifter and part of a Dept. 57 task force.  They are hoping to have contact made from a member of the PHR (Perfect Human Race) and if things go as Dominici plans, the team will be able to bring down another cell.  Hmm, there is one sexy redhead making her way towards him Ė contact?  This afternoon might be very hot in more than just the temperature.

Nicole Cipriani is a reporter and due to a scandal, she has been demoted to gossip magazine level. However, Nicole still believes you can be a good reporter and still have strong morals.  She has been given the task of approaching Dominici to see if she can gain any scoops from him on the famous people he rents to.  Nicole knows she might be in trouble when Dominici is much sexier in person than in any of his pictures.  Sun, bikinis and redheads are not the best match and Nicole has underestimated the effects but itís Dominici to the rescue.

Dominici knows about the scandal that Nicole was accused of and as he talks with her he wonders if she is what she seems or a successful plant by the PHR.  The passion between them seems genuine but Dominici is use to believing the worse.  So, every time there is a question about Nicole or her actions, Dominici leans towards the unfavorable answer.  When Nicole is kidnapped and hurt, Dominici knows he has waited too long to truly trust her and will do anything and everything in his power to have Nicole by his side forever.

A gossip reporter with morals and a dragon shifter use to seeing the worse of everyone leads to an uneasy romance.  In Crystal Captive Dominici discovers that sometimes you can believe what you see.  Nicole has learned that the non-statements can hurt you worse than flat out lies.  Dominici is pessimistic when it comes to humans and love.  Nicole and Dominici connected right from their first meeting and I was very happy to think the Dominici finally found his mate.  Then as the story unfolded, there were several times that he made me want to knock his head into a wall.  Love makes the world go round, but if you donít have trust it can crumble in your fingers.  Happily, Nicole never gave up on Dominici and the final chapter showed me just how deeply he really did love her.  Crystal Captive will have you shaking your head in several places, but extremely happy for both characters as you finish the last page.


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