Cowboys’ Christmas by Carol McKenzie


M/M Holiday

ISBN: 978-1-60054-283-1

Reviewed by Cassie



Rodeo veteran Blake Kingsley is tired of the circuit and ready to settle down.  He’s even got the perfect person in mind to do it with.  He’s just not sure his family will approve, or that the man will agree.

Riley Campbell is also ready to settle down.  He wants to tell his family he’s gay and, instead of meeting up with Blake a few times a year, keep him around all the time.  Will Riley and Blake finally get what they want?

I wanted to love Cowboys’ Christmas because it had such a likeable story.  It’s easy to sympathize with tired, broken-down guys who just want to be together but are afraid of their families’ reactions.  Their fears were realistic, and so were their conflicts.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t too crazy about a lot of the dialogue, and some of the writing came across as stilted.  Despite a storyline I normally enjoy and some interesting secondary characters, I couldn’t really get into Cowboys’ Christmas.


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